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Over 1,000 pounds of produce donated.


How we work


Giving Gardens provides you with everything needed to host a 4' x 8' garden bed in your home -- including the seeds, dirt and physical garden structure. We even have advisors who can help you plan your crops, and assist you through the growing season.

Your bed will be delivered and assembled by a team of volunteers, who will fill it with dirt and provide you the seeds to plant.

A garden bed costs approximately $100, which covers the raw materials and seeds, and it is provided at no cost to the hosting family. For those who are able, an in-kind donation to cover these costs is greatly appreciated.

See our beds in service.



Once your seeds are planted, they can do the rest. Just water, weed, and fertilize as needed.

Your garden bed, if in a publicly visible location, is a neighborhood conversation starter. Awareness and community building to reduce food insecurity is the second function of Giving Gardens. Use your garden as a way to raise awareness of this issue, and encourage your neighbors to get involved. They can donate or host a bed themselves.



When your produce is ready, drop it at one of our participating service organizations. Please make sure to tell them you're with Giving Gardens so our community harvest can be catalogued and counted.

For those who are not able to drop produce off themselves, pickups may be available in your area. Please contact us and we'll arrange to have your produce picked up.


“Awareness and action together create change.”

chris harms  |  founder


Garden beds based on current donations


2016 - 2018


Giving Gardens will place over 200 beds in our community by the end of 2018. Donations from neighbors, communities and service organizations will fuel this growth. Money from these sources will purchase seeds, dirt and wood to build the raised beds. Your efforts, your dollars, and your produce will make these goals possible.


Produce delivered based on current donations


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